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Find the least possible amount of work, time and effort that is needed to reach your objective.


Unify in order to maintain and improve your productivity and quality.


Your previously manual tasks and new streamlined processes are automated!

Bravea Group AB provides IT services, from advisory to software development.

We can provide business critical real-time applications on any platform.

We pride ourselves with our extremely agile rapid prototyping method.

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With a diverse background spanning from cognitive modelling and neural network algorithms, academia, training, military and publishing industry we provide expertise in:

  • Usability analysis
  • Machine intelligence
  • Requirement analysis
  • Digital preservation
  • Application development iOS/Android/Microsoft
  • Web application development
We satisfy the customer by early and continuous delivery of valuable software.Agile Development
There are three states of being.
Not knowing, action and completion.Cult of Done Manifesto

Past work examples

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    Midas - Quality Management System

    Content management system that tracks, monitors and presents all issues in accordance with a Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) procedure. Eliminated 8 hours of manual work per week and increased quality.

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    Metis - Assembly Instruction Creation

    Content management system for creating assembly instructions. Import and reuse of parts, tools and consumables. Template driven production leading to a 90% time reduction in instruction creation.

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    Apex - Business Analytics Tool

    Software application that integrates to the customers sales databases enabling real-time actionable insights.


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